Case Background

On September 10, 2015, NewZoom, Inc. (the "Debtor") filed a voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California.  The case is pending before the Honorable Hannah L. Blumenstiel and administered under case number 15-31141.

Important Information & Dates

Plan and Disclosure Statement

On October 30, 2015, the Court approved the Disclosure Statement, established procedures for solicitation and tabulation of votes to accept or reject the Debtor's Plan and scheduled the Confirmation Hearing for December 2, 2015 at 2:30 p.m. (Prevailing Pacific time) at San Francisco Courtroom 23 - Blumenstiel, 235 Pine Street, 19th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104.  On December 23, 2015, the effective date of the Plan occurred, and the Plan was consummated.

Please click below to view and download the Plan, Disclosure Statement and related documents:

Plan & Disclosure Statement



General Claim Bar Date


Omnibus Hearing Date

3:00 p.m. (PT)

Effective Date

9:00 AM (PT)

Continued: Disclosure Statement Hearing

3:00 p.m. (PT)

Omnibus Hearing Date


Debtors' Counsel

Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP

150 California Street
15th Floor
San Francisco, CA   94111
Phone: 415.263.7000
Fax: 415.263.7010
John D. Fiero, Esq.
Debra I. Grassgreen, Esq.
John W. Lucas, Esq.

Liquidating Trustee

Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP

Four Embarcadero Center
17th Floor
SAn Francisco, CA   94111-4109
Phone: 415.434.9100
Fax: 415.434.3947
Ori Katz
Michael (Mick) Lauter

Debtors' Restructuring Advisors

FTI Consulting, Inc.

One Front Street, Suite 1600
San Francisco, CA   94111
Phone: 415.283.4200
Fax: 415.293.4497
Andrew Hinkelman

United States Trustee and Court Information

Office of the United States Trustee

235 Pine Street, Suite 700
San Francisco, CA   94104-3401
Phone: 415.705.3300
Fax: 415.705.3367
Julie M. Glosson

United States Bankruptcy Court

Northern District of California-San Francisco Div.
235 Pine Street, 19th Floor
San Francisco, CA   94104
Phone: 415.268.2300


Case Number
Debtor Name
Petition Date
15-31141 NewZoom, Inc. September 10, 2015